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why sit.breathe.weave.?

sometimes a scarf is just a scarf...

...and sometimes the act of designing and creating and weaving a scarf becomes a spiritual practice. Like playing an instrument, taking a long slow walk in nature, writing a journal - a spiritual practice may be whatever fills your heart and feeds your soul. I find the focus of silent meditation before I sit at the loom connects with the focus of my weaving. The intentional practice that goes into every pass of the yarn, every pull of the beater, every press of the treadle continues to fill me in a way that I to be crave fed.​

I wish for all beings to find what sustains their soul & brings them joy, peace, and fulfillment.


From haute couture to costuming, furniture upholstery to wedding gowns - sewing was my life. 35 years ago I paused the carousel and devoted myself to being an apprentice to the incredible master weaver, Lolli Jacobsen. I learned the joy of interlacing the most beautiful fibers in magical ways that became luxurious, unique fabrics.​

Combining weaving and sewing, I embrace the joy of creating functional, one-of-a-kind art. I share that joy with you here, in products to inspire the magic in your life.

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